Why Courtmarking?

Court Marking UK offer the highest standards of service for timber and polyurethane floor sanding & sealing. We use the leading primers, sealants, machinery and paints to provide the ultimate finish for your surface.

With an array of finishes for wooden floors which include matt, satin or gloss, we also have a huge variety of colours for you to choose from for your polyurethane sports floors. We can make an old and tired looking surface as good as new, giving a new lease of life to your surface.

What we do

After time, all sports surfaces become worn and even with the best care in the world you will need to consider repair work. At Court Marking UK we sand the entire floor back to bare timber leaving you with a flat, level and smooth surface. We can then build up several layers of sealant and if necessary, replace the line markings giving you an apparently new hall in just a matter of days.

The same principal can be applied to polyurethane sports floors, after time the floor will loose its looks and need attention. If the base is in good condition we can “face lift” the surface with the same or an entirely new colour. We can then replace with the same or different line markings giving a complete new look to your facility.

Court Marking UK are also able to repair damaged areas to your floor by carefully removing the unwanted area, we will then replace with new materials and blend the work in, to best match your existing floor.

Court Marking UK provide a scrub and seal process for timber & woodblock surfaces. Manufacturers of such floors recommend regular maintenance to prolong the life of the surface. If the current floor and seal is in good condition, we can gently abrade the surface making sure we do not remove any line markings if any are in situ, we are then able to add more line markings if required, before finally applying a top coat of sealant that freshens up the floor.