Why Deep Clean?

Why not give your tired sports floor a new lease of life with a full industrial, mechanical, deep clean? This procedure is not just about enhancing the aesthetics of your hall but also prolongs the life of the sports floor, improves safety to athletes, keeps injuries down to a minimum, enhances sports performance and keeps the hall hygienic for all who use it by removing bacteria, all this as well as maintaining the anti-slip properties as stipulated by the governing bodies and manufacturers of the sports surface.

After time all sports surfaces build up a ‘film’ of body fats, dust, dirt and grime that needs to be stripped away, Court Marking UK use both specialised industrial scrubbers and “low sudsing” floor detergents and stripper, designed to take the floor back to as near its original state as possible without bleaching or leaving discolouration to the floor.

Why Choose Court Marking UK?

Court Marking UK have perfected the skill of deep cleaning sports hall floors using both specialised tools and materials for the job, without which damage to the floor can occur resulting in costly repair charges.

Feel free to ask Court Marking UK for a no obligation quote to have your floor professionally cleaned and regain the full potential and advantages from your sports surface.